Air Compressor Servicing & Replacement

Is Your Business Relying on a Compresed Air System that is Costing You Money?

Direct Driven Air Compressors, Total Workshop Solutions Australia

Are You:

  • Alarmed at the increased power costs from your inefficient air compressor?
  • Suffering from increased downtime because your compressor keeps breaking down?
  • Are you constantly battling leaks in your air line?
  • Is your compressed air supply contaminated with oil and water?

Tws Australia has the answer. You can get the most out of your existing system by calling on our experienced personnel, or you can elect to replace your existing system with one of our state of the art compressors, refrigerated air dryers & filters, or our innovative air delivery system.

For example, our new generation Variable Speed Drive rotary screw compressors use the EXACT amount of energy required for your compressed air demand – no more, no less – to deliver precisely the power you need – with energy savings of up to 35%.

If your business is struggling with compressed air technology, Visit our Compressor Page for your solution.

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