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Dispense valves everything you need to know

Dispense valves go on the end of the hose reel and control the oil flow. They may or may not meter it and they come in a wide variety of styles and configurations. Although a swivel is industry standard on each dispense valve, you may want to specify it anyway.

The options are:

• Metered or unmetered :

Metered dispense valves record the litres used on each dispense job as well as keeping an accumulated total. (Graco’s model numbers SDM5 and SDM15 are electronically metered dispense valves. Model SDV15 is an unmetered dispense valve.

• Electronic or mechanical metering:

Mechanical meters have been replaced with electronic meters as the technology becomes available. Generally speaking, electronic meters are more durable, can be calibrated, are easier to use and have less flow restriction. (Graco has both styles available but the vast majority of customers opt for the electronic)

• Flexible, rigid or gear lube extensions:

The extension is the part that goes into the fill spout of the vehicle. Flexible extensions are usually about 10” long and are the most common style. Rigid extensions allow the valve to be self-supported during a dispense job. Gear lube extensions have a right angle tip that makes it easier to access differential fill ports. A significant benefit to different extensions is for fluid identification. The chance of filling with the wrong fluid is relatively small if the extensions are unique. If the customer doesn’t specify, flexible extensions are the safest choice.

• Pre-settable (auto shut off):

Preset or countdown meters allow the customer to preset a given amount and the meter shuts off when it counts down to zero. Graco electronic presettable meters are models SDP5 and SDP15.

• Standard or high flow:

High flow meters have less restriction in higher flow applications. They are used in industrial applications, mine sites and lube trucks.

• Identification:

Different fluids can be identified by different coloured swivel covers. Graco electronic meters allow the customer to show the fluid type on the electronic display to minimise errors.

• Non-drip nozzles tips:

The nozzle tip on the end of the extension traditionally had to be twisted to close it off to prevent drips. Many meters also have automatic tips that self-close under spring pressure. The traditional twist tips are still available and are preferred for mobile applications like lube trucks.

• Anti-freeze:

Graco Electronically-metered and Unmetered Dispense Valves can be used for coolant.