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Employee Stealing Fuel or Lubricant? Prevent & Reduce Shrinkage and Theft Within Your Business!

Fuel and lubricant theft is an issue that affects many industries. From fleet managers to automotive lubrication shops, the economic impact can be draining your bottom line. As diesel fuel prices rise fuel theft rises as well and this problem seems to be happening around the world. From drivers using skimming methods to mechanics stealing expensive lubricants, there are many ways theft can occur. You must have a fluid management system in place to track every single drop of liquid that touches your business.


Fuel theft can be prevented through a number of different tactics. Here we are going to talk about fluid management systems. This is the best way to track all of the fuel or lubricants in your business with clear visibility. First we must address the obvious…


A fluid management system is a controlled environment that contains several components that monitor, meter, and dispense oil, fuel, and other lubricants or fluids. A fluid management system often uses electronic tracking within pumps, meters, dispense valves, and other components if necessary. From these control systems an invisible network is created where we can easily manage and track every drop of liquid.


This depends on what you are trying to monitor. It is all relative to the substance that you are trying to control. If you own an automotive shop that does 60 to 70 oil changes a day how much is your data worth? With some lubricants costs per litre being very high, if you were off my 0.5L per oil change on average you are losing 30-40L of product a day. This is of course without any theft being involved. It only takes one staff member to move a barrel of lubricant and now you are out thousands of dollars depending on the substance at hand. Would you accept a shrinkage loss of $100/day? Probably not. So in turn, a fluid management system is not expensive in this case.

Next imagine an industrial client of ours that manages millions of litres of fuel on a mine site. When we map out the expenses to track all of their fuel it is a couple pennies per litre of fuel. In return they eliminate theft, can track fuel consumption on equipment that is millions of dollars allowing them to investigate engine issues before it is too late, and can now make informed decisions on where they can improve processes. The expense of a Fluid Management System is very minimal when you look at the benefits you receive.


The proper fluid management system for you depends on several factors. How much fluid are you trying to track? What is the value of the fluid you are tracking? Do you deal with extreme temperatures? How many staff need access to the system? Are you using the system for immediate billing (Lube Shops)? And the list continues. We are experts in fluid management and work with several incredible companies with different applications for fluid management. If you are looking for a recommendation scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the contact form. We will be able to point you in the right direction and give you an idea of pricing.