Heshbon New, Total Workshop Solutions Australia

Our Story

Heshbon was founded to design and manufacture lifts for the swiftly expanding automotive aftermarket. This remains the central focus of our organization Heshbon has an ongoing research and development program to improve the quality and ergonomic design of equipment to ensure a safer and more efficient workshop environment.

Heshbon’s commitment to safety has been fully recognized by goverment authorities, and Heshbon has subsequently been awarded the government approved Q mark for the first time in the industry. The same commitment has been formally recognized internationally when Heshbon was awarded the ISO 9001 certification in 1996.

Heshbon’s product range has constantly expanded and now covers a comprehensive program of automotive lifts and workshop related service equipment. Heshbon is internationally recognized for quality, safety and reliability throughout the world.

Exports include Europe, North and South America, Australia, and Middle Eastern and Far Eastern markets.

Heshbon’s Future is a long term investment, and therefore to fulfill our customers expectations Heshbon has recently transferred the entire organization to a completely new manufacturing complex on a 30.000 m2 site at Chungnam.

The new manufacturing plant is equipped with the very latest in CAD systems which enable the research and development engineers to test their designs before these are put into final production, and production in turn is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the highest efficiency and precision. This all results in the best possible / price ratio to the benefit of the automotive aftermarket.