Female Tee Connector

  • Designed to complement the Infinity aluminium pipe
  • Quality, durable nickel plated and aluminium fitting built to last
  • Resistant to fire and can withstand high temperatures
  • Created with energy savings in mind
  • Suitable for: Air, nitrogen & vacuum


The Female Tee Connector is especially designed to complement the Infinity aluminium pipe, resulting in the first all metal distribution system specifically created with energy savings in mind.

90236 20-3/8Female Tee Connector 20 x 3/8”
90236 20-1/2Female Tee Connector 20 x 1/2″
90236 25-1/2Female Tee Connector 25 x 1/2″
90236 25-3/8Female Tee Connector 25 x 3/8″
90236 32-1/2Female Tee Connector 32 x 1/2″
90236 40-1/2Female Tee Connector 40 x 1/2″
90236 50-3/4Female Tee Connector 50 x 3/4″
90236 63-3/4Female Tee Connector 63 x 3/4″



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