Kwikflo KCPS-1500 Coalescing Plate Oil Water Separator

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Kwikflo KCPS-1500 Coalescing Plate Oil Water Separator
The unit covered in this manual is the Kwikflo KCPS Coalescing Plate Oil-Water-Solids Separator. The Kwikflo Coalescing Plate Separator is suitable for both free-standing and wall-mounted installations.
The Kwikflo KCPS Coalescing Plate Oil Water Separator is a highly efficient device used for the removal of grease, oil and solid matter that is found in the wastewater run-off from vehicle workshops, service stations, tank farms and wash bays.The Kwikflo KCPS Coalescing Plate Separator is totally Australian made and the business is Australian owned. Kwikflo KCPS Coalescing Oil Water Plate Separators are designed with vertically arranged coalescing plates. From the inlet port, flow is directed through the vertically oriented plates where solids are separated under gravity for collection in the hopper below.

Oil slugs rise immediately to the surface downstream a baffle or oil dam prevents the collected oil from entering the outlet weir.

The method of operation of the Kwikflo KCPS unit consists of four functions:

Oily water influent is pumped into the inlet chamber of the separator. Heavy solids settle and oil slugs rise to the surface.
The remaining oily water mixture flows through a stack of closely spaced Corrugated polypropylene plates.
Oil is automatically removed by an oil skimmer and collected in the oil drum.
Solids which have separated by gravity are collected below the plates in a sludge hopper, which incorporates a 50 mm drain valve specially designed for sludge removal.
All of these actions reduce the ingress of suspended solids of oil, grease and sludge into the sewer. There are no
moving parts within the separator and the plate packs are easily removed for cleaning and replacement if necessary.
The compact nature of the unit makes it ideal for retrofitting into older premises and allows the customer to
relocate the unit at a minimal expense. This factor is beneficial to the client/tenant as the costs are low, resulting
in minimal capital investment to someone else’s property.

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Additional information

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