Top OEMS Choose Graco Auto Lube Systems


Graco’s automatic lubrication system is now available as a factory option on a variety of Komatsu America’s earth-moving equipment. The automatic lubrication systems feature either a G3 Electric grease pump, MSP divider valves and a GLC-2200 controller, or an Electric Dyna-Star grease pump, GL1-X Injectors and a GLC-2200 controller. The system is also available as an after-market field install kit. The kit includes all the core components along with the required hoses, fittings, mounting hardware and protective guarding required for proper installation. Watch the video below to see how Graco has partnered with Komatsu America, offering state-of-the-art automatic lubrication solutions.

“Komatsu America is one of the most recognized brands in the industry and we are very proud that customers can now order Graco’s automatic lubrication system as a factory option,” said Gabe Elmhorst, Global Market Sales Specialist, Graco Industrial Lubrication Equipment. Graco’s automatic lubrication system has been designed for Komatsu’s wide range of equipment to reduce maintenance needs, increase production and extend the life of the machine by automatically applying the right amount of lubrication to each lube point. In addition to extending the operational life of a machine, Graco’s automatic lubrication system reduces the amount of risk to an operator by eliminating the need to climb on the machine to access hard-to-reach grease points.

Now available as a factory-installed option or an after-market kit, these integrated maintenance systems will offer the same benefits. The Graco G3 and the Electric Dyna-Star auto lube systems are a cost-effective addition that will extend machinery life, reduce operating costs and decrease downtime for routine maintenance. Whether you are in the market for a new machine or simply want to extend the life of your existing equipment, Graco and Komatsu have you covered.

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