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There’s no denying the colder months are upon us. This means it’s time to think about winter motoring, particularly your tyres. Tyre condition can really affect vehicle performance and it’s especially important to pay attention to this when the weather’s wet and cold. Here are a few essentials that could really make a difference:


First up is the Draper Tools 3 Piece Tyre Service Kit Stock No: DRA51550 . This handy kit comprises a Tyre Tread Depth Gauge, a Tyre Pressure Gauge and a Tyre Valve Repair Tool. It’s ideal to keep in your vehicle throughout the year and especially important for when it gets colder as tyre pressure can fall quite quickly in cold outdoor temperatures.



For automotive technicians, there’s the Expert Quality, cutting-edge yet easy-to-use Tyre Pressure Monitor Service (TPMS) Tool. This tool accurately interprets TPMS sensor information while displaying the data on screen. TPMS works via a sensor valve fitted in each wheel, that sends a signal to the car’s ECU giving information on tyre pressure and temperature. If the tyre pressure drops, or the sensor valve is damaged or the sensor valve battery has expired, a warning light alerts the driver. This tool analyses the data and produces a report to effortlessly isolate the problems. It covers a comprehensive range of vehicles and there are regular updates for further increased vehicle coverage.


In Australia the legal minimum tyre tread depth is 1.5 mm, however did you know that many experts believe that this is too low? They recommend a minimum of 4 mm as a winter tyre tread depth. The lower the tread depth the more breaking distances will increase – so it can really make sense to check your tread depth is legal and safe at this time of year. Check out the award-winning Draper Expert Digital Tyre Tread Depth Gauge with Stainless Steel Body to help you accurately measure yours. This digital gauge offers both metric and imperial calibration with conversion between the two. The zero setting control allows for comparative measurement. And a clear LCD display makes for easy reading. It comes supplied with a SR44 Battery too. It’s ideal for both the automotive workshop and keeping in the car.


Check tyre pressure much more regularly in winter – cold weather can see tyre pressure dropping!

Low tread depth can make a vehicle harder to control, especially in winter.