Autolube Lubrication Equipment Graco On Heavy Machine Haul Truck 1600x, Total Workshop Solutions Australia


Automatic Lubrication Equipment (Auto Lube System) provide consistent lubrication at frequent intervals while equipment and machinery are in operation. Without proper lubrication equipment are prone to wear and damages caused by friction and heating because too little or too much oil or grease is manually supplied to critical bearing points.

Furthermore, manual lubrication requires a stop in operation activities – downtime is a hidden cost to manufacturers and operations managers. Therefore, the best time to lubricate a bearing is while it is in use. Eliminating operations downtime costs and other safety risks related to manual lubrication of hard-to-reach points.


Automatic lubrication adds years to the life of your asset, allowing you to maximise your investment and increase the operating efficiency. Automated Lubrication increases workplace safety, productivity, and reduced downtime.

With Automated Lubrication, we allow equipment to always run with the optimal lubrication. Over-lubricating equipment manually is a wasteful procedure that can also lead to equipment malfunctions and breakdowns.

Graco automatic lubrication solutions provide certainty for equipment used in diverse applications like in-plant manufacturing, food and beverage, energy (gas compression / wind energy), mining, forestry and construction industries. Manufacturers, managers and operators seeking continuous uptime and optimal productivity can rely on our premium systems.

Graco Automated Lubrication System 1600x, Total Workshop Solutions Australia
Graco Auto Lube Controller 1600x, Total Workshop Solutions Australia


Heavy equipment owners who use auto lube controllers as part of an automatic lubrication system experience less downtime and longer operating life when compared to equipment that’s lubricated manually. Graco’s reliable auto lube controllers stand up to the challenging environments your equipment operates in every day.

Without overcomplicating the display, the Graco controller allows the cabin to receive audible and visual alerts on the Automated Lube System.

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