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One common question we hear in the field is “will it work for my vehicle?” Whether you have a fleet of over-the-road vehicles or you’re a municipality with a fleet of work trucks, proper greasing practices have never been more important. Automatic lubrication systems are configurable for nearly all chassis and truck types.
Besides the obvious differences in exteriors of vehicles, drive trains, brake design and steering systems (to name a few) may be different from one vehicle to the next. However, Graco has a wide variety of kits designed to fit most OEM on-road vehicles and they can be quickly customised to fit specialty vehicles of all sizes and shapes as well. Class 5 to Class 8 vehicles, Graco has you covered.
When choosing an automatic lubrication system for your vehicle, one common approach is to start off by centralising all of the lubrication points to one fitting by installing Graco’s EZ Greaser. EZ Greaser is a cost-effective way to achieve centralised lubrication on your vehicle. A technician still has to manually supply lubrication to the single grease zerk fitting, but huge time savings are gained by no longer having to lubricate every point on the vehicle.
For those who truly want to automate the entire lubrication maintenance process, install a pneumatic Grease Jockey or electric G3 automatic lubrication system. To learn more about these products, visit the product pages below.

Automatic Lubrication System

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